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The Treasure Beach Foundation Scholarships

Though Treasure Beach residents are hardworking and proud, there is a lack of dependable work for most adults. Most residents are self-employed, relying upon the uncertainties of fishing or farming or small shops to earn a living. And, the minimum wage for salaried workers (not much more than $1/hour U.S.) is considered legalized poverty by many experts, though most parents are not fortunate enough to hold a full-time, salaried position.

On the other hand, the cost of living is much higher than most people might imagine. For instance, chicken costs about $2 a pound, eggs are over $4 a dozen, and carrots cost nearly $1.60 a pound (U.S.).

Meanwhile, education is expensive in Jamaica. For instance, to have their child attend a Jamaican high school (grades 7 through 12 or 13), the family must bear the full costs of transportation, uniforms and shoes, books, school supplies, lab fees, lunches, snacks, and a host of other items required by the schools.

Depending upon which high school a student attends (determined by the results of the GSAT—Sixth Grade Achievement Test), the total cost for one year of high school ranges from about $2,000 to $2,400 (U.S.).

Because of the wide discrepancy between earnings and the cost of living, school—especially above grade six—is often an unaffordable luxury for many of the children in Treasure Beach. After all, parents must feed their family members (and handle other necessary costs such as utilities) before even considering sending their children to school. This, unfortunately, is the type of decision loving parents must make in developing countries.

In 2006 Treasure Beach Foundation provided scholarships on a competitive basis to five outstanding students who graduated from Sandy Bank Primary School. The scholarships were awarded based upon numerous factors: scholastic averages, leadership potential, imaginative thinking, recommendations of their teachers and principal, willingness to give back to the community, character, and standardized test results.

In 2007 we awarded six additional scholarships, one of them being the Stuart Duggan Memorial Scholarship—and continued to assist those who received the 2006 scholarships.

For 2008 we awarded six more scholarships -- including the Stuart Duggan Memorial Scholarship. We continued to assist winners from 2006 and 2007.

For 2009 we awarded five more scholarships and continued to provide scholarships to all the past winners from 2006-2008 who qualified.

In 2010 we awarded four additional scholarships– and kept providing assistance to all prior qualifying recipients. This means we have provided 26 Treasure Beach students with scholarships–some for five years, some for four, some for three, some for two, and our newest recipients for one year.

Treasure Beach Foundation scholarships are awarded for one year of high school. To have their scholarships “renewed” for the subsequent year, the recipients must maintain an excellent grade point average over the school year. They must also select another student (from outside their family) to tutor on a weekly basis—one way they can pass on the tradition of learning.

We plan to continue to award additional new scholarships to students graduating from Sandy Bank Primary School each year. This means our financial needs are increasing annually—and we need more and more contributions from our donor base over time to fulfill our obligations.

Our scholarship recipients are attending some of the finest, most rigorous high schools in Jamaica. Many of them are honor roll students; some have been awarded medals for their outstanding performance. It is our hope that many of them will be able to continue their educations at excellent universities, both in Jamaica and abroad, perhaps some on scholarship.

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2010 Treasure Beach Foundation Scholarship winners

We believe helping the most dedicated, promising students achieve their potential will assure them of being able to continue their education beyond elementary school, encourage them to give back to their community — and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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