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Welcome to the first newsletter of Treasure Beach Foundation—we hope to share an occasional glimpse of what we do so you can see the difference your donations make providing opportunities to the people of Treasure Beach, a rural fishing village on Jamaica's southwest coast.

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group of kids with U VA student

University of Virginia Students Help the Children

"Now that I've known them for another year, it was definitely much harder leaving the kids behind."

Would you give up your vacation time to work somewhere else? Thankfully, some generous people do exactly that.

This was the sixth consecutive year a group of University of Virginia (U VA) students came to Treasure Beach on what's known as the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. Instead of taking their regular spring break, summer, or winter breaks (and relaxing or partying), the ASB volunteers go to different places in the world to be of assistance where they are needed. They all take this assignment very seriously, and they actually have to apply to volunteer. They pay 100% for the cost of their trips—transportation, accommodations, meals, recreation, etc.; as you can imagine, they scrimp and save for ages to be able to afford helping others. They even hold fundraisers. They solicit donations. They do whatever's necessary to raise the money. 

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Special Villa Raffle Coming!

So you've been trying to guess which villa is being raffled for the one-week vacation. We bet you're wrong. Be on the lookout for your notice of our 5th annual villa raffle. This year's raffle will be different from any we've held in past years. Newsletter subscribers will automatically receive a raffle flyer, but if you know someone who might like to participate and they're not on our mailing list, please ask them to contact us at

What's a GSAT?

They make kids worry...

There are lots of reasons why kids worry. In Jamaica, assuming they plan to continue on to high school (meaning grades 7 through 13), one of their primary concerns is how they'll score on their GSATs. (That's pronounced G-sat and stands for Grade Six Achievement Test.) The GSAT is a very rigorous two-day series of exams in five different subjects—math, science, social studies, language arts and composition. The GSAT results determine which high school accepts them.  

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Spirit of Hampton Award

We were surprised (and secretly thrilled) to receive special recognition from Hampton School in their recent prize-giving ceremony. The plaque received is for "outstanding philanthropy to Hampton." We now have eight marvelous young ladies on scholarship at Hampton—and hope to have even more attending that fine school after we award our next scholarships in June.

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Girls by tree
Above: U VA's Kathryn Tiller and Keshia at the basic school. Left and below: Classroom antics at the primary school.
3 kids in front of chalkboard
Island sunset
the beach
Above: No matter which villa we raffle, the one-week vacation promises to be beautiful!
kids at computers
Above: Students enjoy Sandy Bank Primary School's new computer center.
hampton award

Above: The Spirit of Hampton Award! Click to see more...

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